obama dictates terms to nation: shut up and agree


“[stop dissenting and move forward with my plan]”

“nothing will require you to change your coverage” …  EXCEPT market forces.  Who will want to pay BOTH private insurance AND taxes for government health services? 

“there will be no cap”   EXCEPT on electricity

“no one should go broke because they get sick”  …. everyone else will have to cover your expenses while you’re not working

“if you lose your job… you’ll be able to get coverage” …. everyone else will have to cover your expenses

“it’s time to [force on] America the same coverage we give ourselves”

“we should all embrace it” … NO

“even if we provide those affordable options…. everyone will be required to carry health insurance” 

“irresponsible behavior causes us all expenses” ….  Yes, that is obvious.  Stop the irresponsible infliction of government on the people

“will only work if everyone does their part”  … to each according to his sloth

“I have no interest in putting insurance companies out of business”  …  let’s continue to ignore market forces.

“the public option would have to be self sufficient [but not profit motivated]” …  yeah, that’ll work (not)

“we will provide  you with a choice [insurance while it lasts or socialist health services]”  what a choice!

“I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficit”  conveniently one billion dollars is not ‘one dime’

“defensive medicine may be leading to unnecessary cost”

“the plan [will not raise middle class taxes but] reduce the deficit”  … with magic PIXIE DUST

“my door is always open BUT [I will not] waste time [listening to dissent]”  …. kowtow to Obama or else!

“everyone knows what will happen if we do nothing” …. nothing will break badly

“we cannot fail” … ahh hubris

“truth: health care is essential for our prosperity… a moral issue… social justice… character of our country” …. America is best without liberalism

“healthy skepticism of government”  … as long as skeptics tow the line

“people of both parties know what [drove Ted Kenedy]” …. alcoholism and concupiscence

“there is something that would make you better but I cannot afford it”  marijuana?

“hard work… should be rewarded… government should step in [to reward you]” 

“our predecessors understood government should not solve every problem”  …  what is mindfulness?

“when we cannot engage in social discourse” … we have a liberal administration

“I still believe… we can replace acrimony with civility”  .. as long as we have the same opinion

I hope for change AWAY from liberalism


Request Policy as Ad Blocking in firefox

RequestPolicy :: Add-ons for Firefox

CSR akin to NoScript without much of the fuss (or plugin filtration).  More browser speed for a security compromise.  Since this is not a discussion of freedom it’s a reasonable exchange.

secret popped by mozillazine in part


Reveals that- but not how fortunately.

developers of malware windows7 pioneer a new frontier for malware

Most people cannot be bothered to learn much of anything.  As most people run their respective web broswer in a admin user context (bad).  Microsoft update’s recent ‘silent’ install of .net framework extension will surely inspire much more interesting malware.

This’ll be entertaining.  Thanks microsoft!

Using a proprietary mix of technology ALL interstitial ads are blocked in both Firefox and Iron.  The intro ad plays a blackout spot for nine seconds in Iron whereas in firefox the standard boohoo adblocking splash plays for thirty seconds.

I’d love to share what I have done, but I don’t want to up hulu’s game at the same time.

I am free from hulu interstitial ads on all media streamers as well.

thanks, hulu, it’s been fun

firefox 3 found wanting

There is need to make a few distinctions here.  Likely the people experiencing the most problems are those not using a fresh 3.5.x profile.

This re-raises the need for mozilla to developer ‘something’ in between browser and extensions to mitigate leakiness and resource hogging.  Few are the users who will use a virgin profile sans extensions considering the recent trend to push ‘addons’ on new users.

TooManyTabs, an extension itself, addresses many of the problems with multiple tab surfing.  Once upgraded to automatically ‘cache’ idle tabs any senior dev with sense will integrate the features to the next major firefox release.

ZERO progress has been made on- or towards ‘something’ to manage needs- and conflicts of extensions.

Mozilla fan that I am (since netscape nascence) some site (applications) are too burdensome on firefox and my patience.  For those I switch to using Iron, the best fork of chromium by srware.  Rare now is the occasion for IE until such time as IEpro adblocking is up to par or development on adbrick resumes.

masochistic firefox fanbois might want to indulge mozillazine kb:

a gaggle of goobers abandon firegoose

Aside from the many reviewers who seem to errantly believe firefox extensions are synonymous with firefox plugin-ins, doi:10.1186/1471-2105-7-17, gaggle is a near abandonware step in the right direction for easing multiresource document research